Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

Marketing hasn't changed in the last 200 years. If you break it down to it's simplest form, you must first identify a group of people with a "burning" problem to solve. Then, offer them the solution. If you try to sell "ice cubes" to "eskimos" you aren't going to fare well. Why? Because eskimos don't have any problems with needing their drinks cold. You'll never find patients on social media for the same reason: they don't have a problem. They are keeping up with their family, or as my wife says, "stalking her old college friends." When people have a problem that needs ...

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The Opportunity of a Heart Attack

Life deals us all some blows. How we deal with them will vary based on our personality and experience. But most importantly, how we deal with them will determine your future. You're reading this now, which means you're not dead. Some people are, but you're not. You have an opportunity. You started your practice. You survived the economy. You're still standing on both feet. Where you will be in 6-12 months is a direct result of the choices you make today. So what did you decide? ...

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Are You Dreaming or Awake?

I came across a great quote this morning: "Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them." A common question I am often asked is what are the qualities of my best and most successful dentists? In no particular order, they: Are clear on how they differentiate themselves from their competition. Understand the value that their patients have of the care they provide Surround themselves with people and employees who are remarkable at what they do. Invest their time not only in learning more, but applying it in their office and life. Are ...

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The Gravitational Pull of Complacency

My idea of fun is turning off all electronics and getting outside. Quite the polar opposite of how I spend my days working. Last week I was coerced... ...from my normal lunch routine into going to QDoba. I'm a fan of the naked chicken burrito with extra habenero sauce, so it wasn't a hard decision. But while I was there, I discovered something else... The Coca-Cola Freestyle Completely automated and touch-screen, it's loaded with 106 different combinations of drinks and flavors. Vanilla Coke is my absolute favorite, probably from growing up around my family's drug ...

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The iPhone Graveyard

My wife is an Apple "fan." Any by that, I mean she would buy anything with an Apple logo and praise it as the best thing since sliced bread. But it seems like these days, technology is advancing so fast that as soon as you buy one, something better is out. "So what do I do with them after I upgrade?" Something cool about old iPhones is you can convert them to a WiFi enabled iPod. But aside from an iPhone there are very few things in life that you keep around after you buy a newer model: New Cars New Hand-pieces New Laptops New TV's New Boats New Golf Clubs So ...

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Why Mobile Dental Websites Are Outdated

Mobile dental websites are just so 2011... Maybe 2012 (if I push the envelope). And here's why: No longer is there a "standard" mobile device. Let me explain... The First Era of Mobile: 2008-2011 If you look at a cell phone back in the 90's, they all looked about the same: like a brick. A big brick. As the phones evolved in into the early 2000's, all the different manufacturers still produced phones with similar screen sizes... around 3.5 inches. This was the beginning of mobile dental websites -- building a custom website SPECIFICALLY designed to run on those small ...

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Swing Hamma’ Swing

If you were building your dream home, would you judge it's quality by the type of hammer your carpenter swung? Ridiculous question, right? You won't believe me, but dentists say this ALL the time. "What's my bounce rate?" "What's the average time someone spends on my website?" "How many hits did I get last month?" "How many keywords am I ranking for?" Serious question: Where does YOUR MONEY come from? Does it come from hits and clicks? Lowering your bounce rate? Having someone spend another minute on your website? Or PHONE CALLS to your front desk? As a dentist ...

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Bottled Waters, Jaguar SuperCars, and Your Unhappy Patients

It's been a long tradition in the small town where my wife and I grew up to hold an annual "Heritage Festival." It's a weekend event that comes with everything you might expect of a local fair: carnival rides, double-fried foods, & princess pageants (plus what amounts to an impromptu high school reunion every year). Lucky to be running late This year we were late getting there (our 8 month old...) and the last seats open on "Main Street" for the parade were right in front of, coincidentally, the local dentist office. After we sat down I realized just how lucky we were because ...

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Killer Video Marketing Results

Here's some video results from an Orthodontist client we filmed about 2 years ago. This is all organic traffic, no paid "views" or clicks. ...

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Business Directory Listings: Building a Super Highway

Let’s assume you’ve claimed your online business listing and made sure it was all set up with the correct information; the business title, phone number, complete address and relevant information about your practice is all in there. Experts would say you’ve done a great job, except… There is one more step you should take to not only boost the ranking of your business listing but the optimization of your main website as well and that is using off-page criteria. These are the links and citations coming into your business listing from off-site or off-page places. Picture your website ...

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