Seth Speaks: "The Pitfall of Lock In"

When you believe your customers have no real choice, either because they've signed a long term contract, or the technology locks them in, or they're stranded in Fargo with no other options, you're likely to drift away from delighting them. This is the story of Microsoft and Apple and Instagram, at least when they stumble. When you believe that people are stuck in their seats, it's not essential, it seems, to keep cajoling them to stay there. And while you might be correct that this particular customer is locked in, it doesn't mean she doesn't have friends, colleagues or a ...

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Toothache Niche Marketing Secrets with Dr. Yar Zuk & Colin Receveur

I met Dr. Yar last year at the Profitable Dentist conference down in Destin, Florida with Dr. Woody Oakes. You might have heard of Yar as the crazy celebrity tooth collecting marketing expert that you might have heard bought John Lennon's tooth last year. Dr. Yar Zuk and I hooked up and we've been doing some cool things together with toothache marketing and putting our brains together and giving dentists some real tools to pull in the kind of patients they're looking for to keep their schedules full and build up their practice. <== Click play to listen! Download ...

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Google Discontinues Free Google Apps for Business

We just received notification that Google has discontined their free Google Apps program. Over the past 5 years we've migrated literally hundreds of dental practices over to their platform, allowing for unified and simplified email, shared calendars, Docs & Spreadsheets, cloud backups, and much more. We'll continue highly recommending Google's platform to all our clients, even with the [very reasonable] fee of $50 per year. Here's some more details: Gmail - Important update to Google Apps ...

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Attracting The Patients YOU Want – An interview with Dr. Woody Oakes

Attracting the new patients that YOU want may sound difficult or like a gimmick. However, it is been our approach at SmartBox Web Marketing (SWM) for the last 12 years. Patients don’t want to feel like they are being sold something, whether it is when they are reading your website, interacting with your staff on the phone, or simply the way you talk to them. If when you are interacting with them, you convince them that you are more interested in doing a great job and creating “value” for them, then you’ll earn them as a new patient. We help our clients create an image of “value” ...

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"Being Everywhere On The Internet" with Colin Receveur & Dr. James McAnally

Colin is our secret weapon that we deploy for our best members practices all over the country. He owns a slew of certifications with Google, Microsoft, Cisco; they all come with lots of little important letters after them. More important than those letters is his intimate knowledge of what we're up to as dentists and his ability to tie all of the pieces together on the web. The fact that he gets it is why he's rapidly become known as a 'Google god' for dental professionals. He has online technologies allowing us to leverage our time, effort, money and energy to be in more places at ...

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Colin Replies to Dr. Howard Farran – Dental Website Review of Dr. Michael Gibbons, Scottsdale, AZ

Hey Dr. Farran, Colin Receveur, SmartBox Web Marketing. I saw your post here on Dental Town this evening. I just got back from my dad's, actually. We had our Thanksgiving a little bit earlier. We have a bunch of November birthdays and other family stuff going. But any who, I wanted to reply to this tonight before this thread gets too long and this reply gets missed. I saw that Michael Gibbons out in Scottsdale, Arizona, you put a thing up that you thought he had the best prosthodontist website. I gotta say, Dr. Farran, I respect your opinion a lot. I've followed you for a number of ...

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"How To Crush The Competiton With Your Web Marketing" – Interview with Dr. Woody Oakes and Colin Receveur

If your dental website isn't driving a MINIMUM of 100 phone calls a month to your front desk, you are getting "Crushed." Colin has been hailed as the "Google God" for his ability to build websites that actually work (and work insanely well!!) by Dr. James McAnally & Dr. Mike Abernathy. He currently is helping hundreds of dentists to "Crush It" online. Download Transcription (PDF) ...

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Dr. Michelle Haynes in Highlands Ranch, Colorado – Dental Website Marketing Plan

Hi Dr. and Mr. Haynes. Colin Receveur from SmartBox Web Marketing bringing to you this web marketing plan; a plan of action for how we can start finding new patients online from your web marketing, from your website, from your Google places, from all of these different online search engines and pieces of real estate that you have that you've not had good luck with so far. What I'm going to do here is I'm going to skip through your web marketing presence. Some of this I've looked at in advance. Some of this I have not, such as your social media links right here. I'm going to open these up ...

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Dr. Bob Matiasevich’s Dental Website Facelift Plan

Hi Dr. Matiasevich. Colin Receveur. Just wanted to do a quick overview of your website that we had talked about redesigning, give you some design ideas, kind of what I'm looking at seeing and what I would foresee it looking like once we do a little facelift on it, integrate some video with it with your old website, get InfusionSoft on here and set up. I'm going to jump right in. I would like to move this video up a little bit more above the fold. I think that video would look great right here. The stock photography I don't put a whole lot of value in. I mean it looks pretty. It's ...

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Dr. Preeti Singh’s Dental Web Marketing Review

Hey, Dr. Singh, Colin Receveur, here on your website doing a Swift Kick. And I’m going to go through your website, show you what I find. I’m seeing some really bad things. The first thing is when I go to your website, Google is redirecting me because they see that you have some kind of virus or malware actually on your website, and they are preventing anybody from going to it because of that. I’m going to go ahead and actually proceed anyway here and come on into your website against the best advice of Google and see what’s going on here. So, the first thing I notice is this ...

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