Do You Want Impressions & Clicks or Dollars In Your Pocket?

Some dental marketing firms will tell you about "exposure" and "branding." Others will talk about "hits" and "clicks." Still some might even show you "impression" charts and complicated measurements of readership. Are you marketing for "branding, impressions and exposure," or are you marketing to bring in the new patients with money to spend? The downside to all of these is neither tells you EXACTLY how many dollars came back into your pocket. Last Friday I had several monthly strategy calls with our dentist clients. We embrace phone call tracking with every piece of marketing we ...

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How To Put a Face On Your Dental Practice

Right now, your website probably has an alphabet soup of affiliations and organizations you belong to. But Why Does Your Patient Care? If I told you I held numerous certifications, including CCNA, MCSE, & GCP does that really mean anything to you? Industry specific credentials only matter to those in the industry (and I doubt most of your patients are dentists)... How To Exude Expertise Text on a page [i.e. your website] has inherent limitations. No matter how great your copywriting skills are, or what font you use, or what color/size you make the words, it's still just ...

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What Are Your Patients Saying About You?

Recommendations Sell. It's really as simple as that. Otherwise, you wouldn't see Proactiv hiring teen superstars Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mandy Moore to endorse their skin care products, you wouldn't see Tiger Woods earn almost a billion (yes, with a B) from General Motors, Titleist, General Mills, American Express, Accenture, and Nike over his career, or how about the incident last year when Weatherproof Garment used a photo of President Barack Obama wearing one of their jackets on a billboard without his knowledge? I could go on and on, but you get the ...

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Dr. Randy Schmidt on SWM & Colin Receveur

Video Testimonial from Dr. Randy Schmidt, Orthodontist with 7 Locations "Colin and his team have been doing local search marketing for us for the past 60 days and generated 141 phone calls for us! The entire experience has been great, I'd recommend them to anyone." Dr. Randy SchmidtOrthodontist in the Greater Chicago Area with 7 Locations ...

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Google Panda Loves Your Video

If you're working to ensure that your videos are well search engine optimized, you may be staring at these words in dread. Why? Because there is just SO MUCH advice about the right and wrong ways to do SEO and other marketing tactics! We understand that you may feel a bit “full” on the information side, so we're going to make this short and sweet for you... Google's Polygamous Marriages Google is much more than just a search engine now, offering everything from advertising services to a full suite of website administration tools. The interesting thing about Google is that all ...

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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Doing Video

So you need to add video to your website, but maybe you don't like to be on camera, or you don't have the time to come to our studio. We have the answer for you: SPOKESMODELS Here's 42 professional spokesmodel videos we just finished up for a few of our very savvy dentist clients: Link >> And the best part is (in my ...

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Why Aren’t More Dentists Using Video on Facebook?

Facebook has more than 700 million users, so it's a sure bet that everyone reading this has also watched videos on Facebook. Though a lot of people will put up clips of their own, a lot more of them are “sharing” videos with their friends and colleagues. Just think what that actually means in terms of “spreading the word." That little video your friend shared may have perked your interest, or it may have just passed right out of your thoughts. You may even have thought of a friend that would be interested, and so you shared it with them. Let’s say that 500 of your friends ...

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How To Work More and Make Less Money

Is this your idea of a profitable professional? This dentist probably doesn't even know the slippery slope he or she is sliding down. Someone, somewhere will always be glad to beat your price, so where do you stop? The problem with racing to be the "cheapest" is that you just might win. You do the math: If the dentist in this picture has discounted their crowns in an effort to keep the door hinges from rusting shut in this new economy – even 10% - that means to make the same money as before he or she is going to have to see 10% more patients, work 10% percent longer, and will have ...

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