Facebook, Twitter & Mobile…. VIDEO for Dentists

Videos now go hand in hand with good search engine optimization practices. Not only do they provide the informative content people want to see "live," but they can also be used to help your website rank higher in the search results, thereby getting you more patients. The research group Forrester found that videos were 53 times (5300%) more likely to receive first page organic rankings than were traditional static text-only web pages. Did you know that 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day? It's true... The ...

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Einstein & Your Dental Practice’s Marketing

Are you spending thousands on your dental web marketing and have no idea what you're getting for it? Is your "dental marketing guru" sending you reports of "hits and clicks"? Do you know exactly how many patients your dental website found you in 2011? Dental marketing isn't about "branding" or "impressions" -- it's about putting qualified patients in your chair that accept treatment. "Hits and clicks" on your website and Facebook simply do not do that. Your dental marketing firm should be showing you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that your marketing is attracting qualified patients ...

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Social Media Marketing: What Really Matters

What Do Patients REALLY "Click" On Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter? Many dental marketing firms out there make social media marketing seem like "rocket science," and are leading their dentist clients to invest their marketing dollars in the hype of Social Media, leaving them [the "dental marketers"] as the only one with cash in their pocket when the music stops… And Here's Why: Facebook is revolutionary, but in order to "Friend" someone, you have to know them first. Even on your Facebook Business Page, for them to "Like" you, they have to know you. Would you "Friend" or ...

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What Walmart's Checkout Line & Your Dental Practice Share

Any time you go through a checkout lane in WalMart, you've no doubt noticed the hundreds of items that are surrounding you as you wait to check out. Most will be small ticket items, a buck or two here and there. They certainly don't compare to the big ticket items found in other places of the store, but they are big money makers. Even though WalMart might sell a $599 snow blower in one department and a $1000 flat screen in another, based on square footage, the checkout line is the most profitable real estate in the store. The last time I checked, WalMart merchandise was selling at a rate ...

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"We took your bailout money, and your mortgage rates are going up."

A Google+ page showed up last week, shortly after Google+ opened up to businesses, mocking Bank of America. Of course, the page was a fraud, but that didn't keep whoever put it up from getting 7 days of laughs out of it before it was taken down. An organization the size of Bank of America you would expect would be very protective of their brand... So how are you protecting your brand? We hear from dentists occasionally that they are not embracing social media, they don't have a Google Places page, and they aren't using reviews online. Unfortunately, burying your head in the sand ...

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Are you "Da Man" Online?

What are patients really looking for online? Too many dental marketers make this seem like "rocket science." Prospective patients are looking for the answers to these 3 burning questions: 1) What are my treatment options? 2) Which treatment options are best for me? 3) Who is the best dentist for what I need?   If you want your website to generate phone calls, you must grab your prospective patient's attention and answer these 3 questions. Tell 'em You'll Be Their Hero If you answer their three questions, you'll become their hero... and they'll pick up the phone and call you. So ...

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Savvy Dentist from Jacksonville in our Video Studio

A few of the 60+ videos we just finished up for a very progressive dentist in Florida wanting to take advantage of his advanced clinical training.             Do you want to attract qualified patients in the dental niches that you have advanced clinical training? Fill out this short form, we'll contact you within 24 hours and show you how... ...

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How To Get More Dental Patient Reviews on Google

Years ago, online reviews weren't needed. But these days, Google (among other companies) is putting a ton of weight behind them. Practically any search you do for a local business, you'll find that the higher ranking businesses always have lots of positive reviews. So How Do You Get Reviews? You could simply ask for them, but chances are, your patient has a very busy life, kids, job, spouse, etc.. and leaving that online review for the stellar work you did is at the bottom of their priority list. Here's our strategy for getting reviews: 1) Before the patient ever leaves your office, get ...

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