Technology firms 'more trusted than traditional media'

Technology giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are now more trusted than traditional news media, a study has found.American researchers also found that people now trusted the technology heavyweights more than social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.According to the new study, the majority of people rated online privacy as one of their major concerns when using the internet after both Google and Facebook were hit by rows over people's private details being disclosed on the web.The study, of more than 2100 people, found nearly half they trusted the big three technology firms ...

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Coming Soon: Web Ads Tailored to Your ZIP+4

Routers from Juniper Networks such as this MX960 will soon include Feeva's zipcode tracking software, assuming ISPs want it.Your internet service provider knows where you live, and soon, it will have a way to sell your zip code to advertisers so they can target ads by neighborhood. If your local pizza joint wants to find you, they will have a new way to do that. National advertisers will be able to market directly to neighborhoods with like characteristics across the whole country using demographic data they’ve been gathering for decades.As websites continue to push for higher advertising ...

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How Does Google Adwords Really Work?

If you are using Adwords but you are not exactly sure how it works, then you need to watch this video…If you are still not using Adwords, then you really need to watch this video!Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, explains in a simple way how Google Ad Auction really works. You’ll see- it’s really about good thinking for better results for your prospects AND for you.You have to realize that if you have a website but no strategy in place to bring people to your site…well, you’re really wasting your time and money.Pretty much like having a phone number but not giving your phone ...

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From Facebook to $$$$

Equine Dentist Builds Relationships With FacebookHow do you turn a regional service business into an international destination for industry thought leadership?Facebook.At least that’s what worked for Geoff Tucker, an equine dentist based in Palm City, FL.In a business driven by relationships, Geoff says that Facebook allows him to build new ones. “People do business with people who they’re friends with. Period,” he says. “And Facebook is a great way to get to know people. It allows people to see that I’m a person.”As he builds these relationships using social media, ...

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Researchers Create Social Engineering IRC Bot

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology developed an IRC (internet relay chat) bot that acts as a 'man in the middle' between two unsuspecting users, modifies URLs passed between them and also is capable of steering the conversation. Not only does this work surprisingly well on IRC — they found a 76.1% click rate for potentially malicious URLs — but four out of 10 people on Facebook chat also clicked on links after the bot introduced complete strangers to each other. This would have worked even better if the bot were to clone existing friends' profiles and submit friend ...

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Twitter Buys Analytics Company

Twitter, which recently announced its Promoted Tweets advertising program, has acquired the maker of a cloud-hosted Web analytics application, Twitter said Thursday.In April, Twitter launched with a limited number of partners like Starbucks and Best Buy the Promoted Tweets program, which is designed to let companies market their products and services on the popular microblogging and social-networking site.The Smallthought staff has become part of Twitter's analytics team, where they will integrate Trendly features and technology into Twitter's existing systems, as well as help develop new ...

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New Google Search Index 50% Fresher With Caffeine

When Google started, it would only update its index every four months, then around 2000, it started indexing every month in a process called the "google dance" that took a week to 10 days and would provide different results when searching for the same term from different Google data centers. Now PC World reports that Google has introduced a new web indexing system called Caffeine, that delivers results that are closer to "live" by analyzing the web in small portions and updating the index on a continuous basis. "Caffeine lets us index web pages on an enormous scale," writes ...

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Microsoft Office 2010 Will NOT Support Windows XP

In short, Windows XP and previous operating systems are not supported. XP Mode is also not supported.Here's the word straight from the horse's mouth (click to enlarge):SmartBox Web Marketing - Turnkey Local Online Advertising for Doctors & Professionals ...

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Zetetics: Phone Call Lead Tracking

We've launched our new Zetetics Phone Tracking suite.Have a specific advertisement (billboard, newspaper, magazine, online) that you want to track EXACT ROI for?Go beyond traditional clicks and impressions to get a true picture of your ROI by measuring the calls delivered from your advertising campaigns.SmartBox Zetetics tells you exactly which ads, campaigns and channels are bringing in calls, and which aren’t – so you can make changes on the fly to improve your ROI.Learn more about how it works at: Web Marketing - Turnkey ...

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