Broad Match Hell

One of the most confusing, frustrating, and costly aspects of pay-per-click advertising is the variety of keyword match types offered by the big three search engines. What Google Adwords calls "broad match doesn't work exactly the same as MSN Adcenter's "broad match, and Yahoo doesn't have a broad match option at all. As a result of this confusion, and because all three of the major players use their broadest possible matching system by default, many advertisers are losing money without even knowing about it. Even if think you ...

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Weekend Update: How PPC differs on the weekend

At 5 p.m. on Friday, the weekend kicks off and everyone's mindset shifts. The important question is, "are you adjusting your marketing model during that period?" Many companies keep their same ads, budget and targeting during the Friday through Sunday period, even though their consumers are in a very different mindset.  Just as you want to split test different ads and offers during the week, it's important to evaluate whether a different marketing model returns the best ROI during the weekend. One initial aspect to ...

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Video Marketing: Smart Tips to Use Videos to Improve Conversion Rates

Scrolling through dozens of potential service providers, a customer visits your site and views a refreshing video that introduces exactly what your company offers.  After reading countless paragraphs of sales copy, white papers and testimonials, customers are particularly receptive to multi-media messages that provide a succinct, user-friendly presentation that helps to separate your brand from your competition. Strategic placement of well designed videos is an effective way of improving the conversion funnel ...

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Using Blogs to Create an Online Brand Personality

Growing businesses may find it challenging to continually provide on-going brand messaging regarding new products and services. Successful, fast moving companies often make adjustments on a daily basis to keep one step ahead of the competitive, and a well-written blog can breathe life into the direction that your company is headed. Blogs are the ultimate real-time brand messaging medium, allowing you to provide a comprehensive social media strategy utilizing your in-house blog, Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with your loyal customers and potential clients. ...

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Linking Analytics Goals with Adwords

One of the primary advantages of utilizing Google's advertising services is that you can track converion outcomes at a granular level. By integrating your Adwords account with your analytics profile, you'll be able to determine not only which keywords and campaigns converted but how effectively they performed overall. While conversion outcomes can be binary, the data on consumer interaction includes time spent on site, how many pages a visitor viewed, as well as insights into their navigation path. Linking your Analytics Goals with ...

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Local Maps Optimization: Factors for Local Rankings

Today, many service-related services produce an automated map on Google which shows searchers the closest area providers. In addition to targeting natural search listings and pay per click ads, local maps listings can be an effective source of generating quality leads for your business. To optimization methods for improving your local maps listing are similar to the factors that determine general search rankings, although there are several elements of your campaign which require unique optimization. The factors included in your local maps ...

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Test Before You Build

Here's a simple tip that could easily save you 12 months of work: Setting up an effective SEO campaign in a competitive market can be a long drawn out and expensive process. Worse yet, if you are focused on the wrong keywords, you might need to start over again after you find out that your site is not producing the results you want. An easy way to avoid needing to start over is to test the value of keywords before you heavily commit to your SEO strategy. Buying pay-per-click ads (PPC) from search engines like Google (AdWords), Yahoo (Search ...

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