Profiting from the Content Network

While you may have mastered the art of search targeting directly through the engines, building a targeting content network campaign can be an additional source of profit.  By placing ads on 3rdparty sites you'll potentially reach an entirely new audience, allowing you to target potential customers that are browsing related sites. While the targeting methods on the content network are not quite a precise as exact search keyword targeting, you can find high value on-site placements that generate an impressive return on your marketing spend. There ...

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How Negatives Can Be a Positive for your Conversion Rate

You've setup your search engine campaign and are readyto target your "oil change" services to a variety of consumer in your area. Afteradjusting the campaign settings for the proper geographic area, setting yourkeyword bids properly and performing plenty of keyword research, you think you're ready to go. A few weeks later, you may be disappointedwith the conversion rate of your clicks to new service appointments. Animportant, but often overlooked, factor for search engine marketing is the importantof adding negative keywords to limit the types of search queries you ads ...

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Going Fishing: How to Generate Natural Links

To rank highly in organic search results, it's important to earn high quality links relevant to your industry. Like everything worthwhile in life, you cannot create a long-term strategy based upon buying links to your site - instead, you'll want to cultivate relationships with business partners, credible bloggers and publishers as well as other media outlets in your industry to generate links. While there are short-term strategies that can generate SEO links to your site, the most effective, high value links are generated ...

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Direct Me: High Value Local Directories

One reliable way to generate high quality inbound links and increase your web presence is to submit your site to high quality directories. These sites generally provide consumers with a way to connect with an electronic version on the yellow pages, and have become a reliable alternative to out-dated print methods. Manual submission to these directories can enable you to promote your site, phone number and business services to targeted local consumers at no additional cost. There are dozens of local sites which aggregate consumer ...

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Viewing split tests in Google Analytics

Everyone remembers the famous Monty Hall game where guests had to pick between doors A, B and C. Based upon the door selected, you'd be able to switch or stick with the existing door. With the help of Google analytics split testing your website is less about guessing and more about tracking which variants are closest to reaching your given benchmarks. Making small changes in your website can result in important improvements in conversion rates, consumer retention and mindshare for your visitors. One effective way to ...

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How to Optimize Your Presence in Google Maps

Take a moment and search for a local service in your local area. Chances are that a map will immediately pop-up showing nearby service providers, as well as links to reviews, driving directions and more information on each company.  Studies have shown that local searches are one of the fastest growing segments of queries ( and that a majority of local business research is conducted online.  If you have trouble with the link above, you can also view the attached PDF. For those reasons, it's ...

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