Season's Greetings: Holiday SEO Tips

The holiday season is one of the biggest revenue periods for many small businesses, and ramping up your search campaigns for holiday sales can help make your 4thquarter results even more impressive. There are multiple factors of consumer sentiment which change as you approach the end of the year: consumers become more oriented toward meeting their New Year financial and health goals, while also investing in gifts for their loved ones. As a result, nearly every industry can benefit by creating end of year specific Holiday campaigns designed to ...

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Using Meta Tags to Optimize Your Site for Search

One of the most effective site updates you can make to your site is to optimize unique meta tags for each page. Just as you might spend time identifying the most effective headline and description for your Adwords text-ads, choosing the right meta-title and description can improve your organic search click-through and conversion rate. In the example below, computer company Dell has optimized their meta title to focus on the variety of products the company offers, while providing a meta-description that targets each particular ...

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