50 Milliseconds to Disaster

According to a 3-year-old study that I just saw, the average length of time it takes someone to decide a web page sucks is about 50 milliseconds. To put this amount of time in perspective, this is 3-4 times faster than your fastest muscle reflex. The most important elements of a landing page, to avoid the 50 millisecond puke, are header and page design. The implications go far beyond the first 50 milliseconds. From the article: If people believe a website looks good, then this positive ...

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Check Landing Page Performance by Browser

Every browser is different.* Ask any web designer about their craft and you'll eventually get them talking passionately about these differences. How Internet Explorer 6 renders CSS pseudo-elements (badly) and handles padding and spaces (randomly). How IE7 ignores CSS drop shadows. How floating divs never seem to work the same way in any of the browsers. These peculiarities have driven many a developer to strong drink. When it comes to testing new webpage designs in Google Website Optimizer, speed can be essential. You want to get the ...

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